Divah Doll Bodywave Full Lace Wig

Luxe Glam Body Wave Full Lace Wig

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Divah Doll Luxe Glam Body wave Full Lace Wig. 150% density. 100% VIRGIN hair.  This full Lace Wig is a naturally curly with a defined wave pattern but is easily straightened to bone straight form.  This hair also can be colored, wanded and crimped. Expect  medium to high maintenance. This full lace wig may be parted anyway you like and has a very natural look. Each unit comes with clips around the perimeter and an elastic band for added tightness and security.

Our Virgin Cambodian Glam Body wave Hair is the finest quality premium Virgin human hair available. Each selection has been collected from one donor and all cuticles are intact. All Divah Doll Hair has undergone a stringent quality assurance process to ensure it is free of any imperfections. Each bundle of Virgin Hair is 3.5 ounces to 4 ounces and available in a natural 1b-2. With proper care you can expect this product to last up to to one year. 


We carry 100% Cambodian Virgin hair. Our Hair comes in natural brown color only but may be lightened, colored and processed. Divah Doll Luxury Virgin Glam Body Wave has no shedding or tangling. We promise you’ll love our product!

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