About our Company

We, here at Divah Doll Luxury Hair Extensions, we specialize in providing virgin, remy hair extensions. Our ultimate focus and goal is to encourage ALL women to become more savvy when it comes to their hair and extensions! We aim to provide our customers with Premium Hair Extensions while ensuring that each customer receives a seamless and efficient shopping experience with Divah Doll.

The entire Divah Doll team, knows first hand just how difficult it is to find a trustworthy, reliable and affordable company! We have tested many brands and suppliers and have worked diligently to find Luxury Hair Extensions that we believe will look fabulous and last you for a long time! We work with the best virgin hair manufacturers to present Luxury extensions to you, our Divahs!

Our Divahs can expect an unparalleled, online shopping experience; along with a dedicated network of team members ready to assist you! We offer Live Chat along with Text Message customer service options so that answers to your questions are able to be answered easily and quickly. We currently have plans to open retail outlets, a full service product line to care for your extensions along with lots more exciting products and services! We believe there is room for every woman to win and that her win is not your failure!